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CJI is working with SPECTRUM, Waterloo Region’s Rainbow Community Space, and older adult housing providers to create Gender Sexuality Alliances (GSA) within assisted living residences and rent-geared-to-income housing for older adults. We are offering resources and support to these institutions to create LBGTTQ+ inclusive policies and practices that allow residents and staff to have dialogues and to build connections around gender/sexual identity.

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CJI’s StrideMen program is offered at Stonehenge Therapeutic Community. This program’s services are based on restorative justice principles, and is designed to assist men with their reintegration process. Through varied activities including recreation nights, educational groups and related activities, men in the justice and addiction treatment system engage with volunteers and social agencies during a shared activity. Trained volunteers support the men through relationship building activities. Fears and stereotypes fall away as volunteers and men get to know each other. Upon release, men are supported by Stride Circle volunteers practically and emotionally as they access formal community services to find homes, jobs, health care, etc., and settle into the community.

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Community Justice Initiatives (CJI) wants to inspire the Region to Waterloo to be world-wide leader in Restorative Practices by transforming responses to conflict and wrongdoing. By embedding Restorative Practices throughout diverse sectors of the community, CJI works in partnership to offer processes that facilitate direct accountability, which supports positive and lasting behavioural change leading to safe and connected communities. Responding restoratively can have significant positive impacts on the health and stability of our community, while offering more cost-effective ways of responding to conflict and harm than systems of punishment.

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